When planning an independent study, students and parents need to be aware of the multiple expectations placed on them. The scholarship is one of the many expectations that must be met for success.

First, students should understand what is expected of them in their plan for the student's aid. An independent study is a single course with a set amount of credit, typically at least twenty hours per semester. Students who plan to pursue independent study need to understand the following:

Students are responsible for their actions. Students are expected to plan, organize, complete, and submit the written research and/or independent work. They are also expected to participate in class discussions and carry out assignments, making sure they are doing so according to the professor's directions. Additionally, students should participate in office hours and activities if asked.

Students are required to complete the classwork. They are expected to deliver the work as required by the teacher. The work will be held as final unless the teacher agrees to an extension or a rescheduling. To avoid being marked as no credit, students should be able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed the assignments.

Student assignments must be properly presented to be credited. The outline and format are expected to be satisfactory to the instructor and to the grade report. They should follow the intended format.

All assignments must be submitted according to the schedule, time period, and grade. Students are expected to do this without fail, showing the same punctuality as in the classroom. Attendance and participation are expected of all students.

All class work must be clearly marked. Failure to properly mark work will result in it being marked as no credit. If the student has questions about grade confusion, they should contact the instructor.

Students must uphold confidentiality. Students must ensure that all information shared with the professor, supervisor, or adviser is kept confidential. Only students who are directly involved with the project or the grade, such as the tutor, should have access to the information. Students must use their own computer, cell phone, and/or PDA to access any information.

The grade sheet is due to the instructor within three weeks after the last class. On the day the grade sheet is due, students must turn in the assignment to the instructor. Without the assigned grades, the student has no way of knowing whether they have completed the assignment or not. In the case of an extension, the assignment will still be marked as not handed in.

If an independent study requires more than two attempts, then the teacher will allow a fourth attempt for a credit. After two attempts, students must get the grade first by giving the assignment.

Students must come to class and provide an individual or team report on the final project. This assignment is available after the deadline for the project. It is usually considered incomplete when students meet the deadline for the project but do not submit the assignment.

These are just a few of the expectations placed on independent study. They are the fundamental requirements for the student's success.

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