Pool Selection Criteria

The loans have been originated by the HDFC and conform to the normal credit adopted by it at the time of sanction, subject to its management decision judgement. The oans in the pool comply with the following criteria:

- The loans were current at the time of selection
- Thcy have a minimum seasoning of 12 months.
- The pool consists of loans where the underlying property is situated in the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
- The borrowers in the pool are individuals.
- Maximum LTV(loan to value) ratio is 80 per cent.
- Instalment (EMI) to gross income ratio is less than 40 per cent.
- EMIs would not be outstanding for more than one month.
- Loan size is in the range of Rs 18,000 to Rs 10 lakh.
- Borrowers in the pool have only one loan contract with the HDFC.
- The HDFC has not obtained any refinance with respect to these loans.

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