Investment Nurturing Aftercare

Unlike the conventional financial institutions, which normally keep aloof from the operations of the assisted concerns, VCIs have an active, intimate and constant involvement during the entire life of the investment in VCUs the enduring relationship  the VCIs and VCI’s and the active role by the former in the management of the latter is investment nurturing after care. The main decrements of after care are: (i) after the investment decision, provision of continuing guidance and support to optimist: the investment to both VCIs, (ii) building of joint relationship to other problems of business and (iii) protection of the investment interest of the VCIs nurturing differs from the investment monitoring by the conventional financial inspiring collect and use specific information about the operations of the assisted project, former is wider in coverage to include the provision of guidance and skills for the manage the venture. The after care stage of venture capital financing relates, will to differ nurturing, its objectives and techniques.

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