The objective of this Chapter is to explain international financial management in terms of foreign multinational capital budgeting  decisions, cost of capital, working capital and important sources of  rational finance. The focus is primarily on the   distinguishing special aspects related to the uncial decisions of the multinational corporations (Incs) international firms since  principles of uncial management applicable to the domestic local firms, by and large, do also apply to internal firms  In fact,

the  fundamental goal of international firms as well as Mn Cs matches with  of domestic firms, that is, maximization of the wealth of   shareholders. While Section 1 deals foreign multinational capital budgeting decisions, Sections 2 to 4 explain aspects related to  of   capital,

adjusted presented value approach and working capital, respectively The major atonal sources of finance in India,   namely, external commercial borrowings and euro Issues  described in the subsequent Sections’ 5 and 6, respectively The last  section summaries the  points.

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