Inspection and Investigation

The SEBI has the right to suo moto, or upon receipt of information complaint, order an introspection in respect of conduct and affairs of any FVCI by an officer to (i) ensure that the books accounts documents are being maintained in the specified manner, (ii) Inspect investigate into complaints from investors chants any other person on any matter having a bearing on its activities, (iii) ascertain whether the provisions of the SEBI Act and FVCIs regulations are being complied with and (iv) inspect investigate, suo moto, into its affairs in the interest of the securities market investors. The FVCI any oilier associated person, including asset management Company fund manager, in possession of information relevant to its conduct affairs must (1) produce to the investigating inspecting officer such books accounts other documents in his custody control and furnish him such statements and informational as be may acquire and (2) give to him all assistance and extend all cooperation, and furnish all information sought by him.

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