Why is finance a part of the school curriculum and not any other subject? Or perhaps it is because there are so many different subjects that can help in finance assignment. Anybody who has studied finance will admit to getting bored with the material. But there is nothing more important than learning.

When it comes to studying, you need to make it a point to learn about money management issues as they pertain to you. This can be done either in the classroom or in the office setting.

What is money? It is money and it is just as valuable as any other dollar. Money can be traded for everything from food to electronics.

But as with anything else, we need to have some idea on how to use our money. To keep track of how much money we have and to how much we owe it to. That is the first step. From there, the others fall into place.

What do we do with all the money that we earn? Some of it we leave in the bank to be kept there. There is an old saying, 'The pence in your pocket is more than the pound in your hand.'

We need to keep in good company and take care of our money. The main goal is to gain knowledge on how to manage money and manage it wisely.

More often than not, in hard economic times, it seems like everybody is out for the same money. Everybody is after the lowest amount possible. Who is left for us? Oh, yes, the wealthy.

Doyou ever think about starting a profit making business? And what about setting up a trust for your children's future education? How about investing in a fund that can give scholarships to underprivileged children?

A lot of people seem to be able to make some really high profile investments. All the time, those who try to do good things are frowned upon and threatened.

They are called 'greedy'money hungry'. Some say that they should be ashamed to make money, or at least be saved from it.

The best thing that you can do is to look at where you stand financially. Don't allow yourself to get too wrapped up in thinking how much money you have. Sure, it can be a source of happiness and excitement if you're feeling flush, but you don't want to get too caught up in it.

The more that you study, the better you will be at managing your money. It is like an animal, once it is tame it is very easy to control. That is how you should treat it.

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