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What is Finance?

Finance is generally defined as a subject that allocates assets and liabilities over the period of time. Time value of money is one of the keys to finance. There are three main branches of Finance, public finance, corporate finance and personal finance. Besides that, finance covers various areas like working capital.Apart from that, there are various topics of Finance such as Accounting, Asset Management, Corporate Finance. Some of the valuable Accounting concepts are being described here:

Accruals: The concept of accruals refers to a principle that expenses and revenues should be recorded when they occur; these cannot be recorded even if the payment is made.

The concept of Consistency: The consistency concept means whichever method is used first time should be consistently applied. The preference should be given to that method, however, another method can also be applied in case you have a valid reason for that.

Going Concern Principle: The going concern principle refers to the continuity of business success. In simple words, if a business firm in better position, it will continue to be successful in the future.

Conservation Concept: It is also known as prudent concept. In this concept, the profits and revenues can become part of the balance sheet in case these are realized (if you are reasonably sure that there is some possibility of their realization).

Accounting Equation: Total assets are always equal to the summation of liabilities and owner’s equity (Assets=liabilities + owner’s equity).

Accounting Period: While preparing accounts for a particular period, you will have to take into account financial relating to that specific period.

Cost basis: This means that the value of the asset to be recorded in the accounts book should be the actual cost paid and not the current market value of that asset in the market.

Entity: The accounting records show the financial activities of a particular firm or organization and not its employees or owners.

Matching Principle: The matching principle is generally defined as the principle which requires to record the revenues and expenses in the same accounting period.

Assets: All the things you own are known as assets. These are further divided into two categories- current assets and fixed assets. Current assets include all the things that expire within a year, for example, cash, petty asset etc. Fixed assets, on the other hand, means all the assets that can last for a long time.

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