Exporters/Foreign Exchange Earners

Corporates who have foreign exchange earnings are permitted to raise CElls up to thrice the  average amount

ExportersForeign Exchange Earners Assignment Help

ExportersForeign Exchange Earners Assignment Help

of annual exports during the  previous three years, subject to a maximum of USD  200 million without end-use restrictions, that is. for general corporate objectives  excluding investments in stock markets or in real estate. The maximum level of entitlement in anyone year is the  cumulative limit and debt  outstanding under earlier approvals (erstwhile USD 1') million exporters  scheme and thereafter) would be netted out 0 derer nrne annual  eligibility.

Infrastructure Projects  

Holding companies promoters are permitted to raise ECBs up to a maximum of USD 200 million   equivalent to finance equity investment  n a subsidiary joint venture company implementing infrastructure projects. This flexibility is being given in order to enable domestic   investors in infrastructure projects to meet the minimum domestic equity requirements. In case the debt is to be  raised by more than one  promoter for a single project, then the total quantum of loan by all of  them put together should not exceed USD 200 million.


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