Derivatives Assignment & Homework Help

An instrument whose cost is derived from one or more underlying instruments or assets or is dependent upon another. The derivative is simply an agreement between a couple of parties. Its worth is set by changes in the said asset. The most typical assets include bonds,stocks,  currencies,commodities and indexes. Options and futures are few most used types of derivatives. Sophisticated investors protect their investments against changes in value, they occasionally buy or sell derivatives to take care of the risk related to the concerned asset, or to gain from times of decline or inactivity. These methodologies can be rather dangerous and quite complex. In the field Hedging and Risk Management, use of data in Derivatives has become prevalent particularly in recent times. Our Finance academic writers being expert in various uses and practical implementation of derivatives may provide you the quality answers for assignment help and assistance in derivative test prep help.

Derivatives Assignment & Homework Help

Derivatives Assignment & Homework Help

Types of Derivatives:

Derivative contracts have future obligation that is legally binding guarantee to execute later on. Derivatives include forward contracts, future contracts and swaps. Future contracts and forward contracts could be composed on physical assets, indexes, bonds, equities or rates of interest. In forward contracts, one party consents to purchase and the counter party consents to sell a physical assets at a certain price on a certain date in the foreseeable future. In case the future cost of the assets rises, the purchaser and a seller has a gain and a loss, respectively.

An option to buy an asset at a specific price or point is called call option.An option to sell an asset at a certain cost is termed a put option.  So we can see there are many type of derivatives instrument which are often utilized by the dealers for trading and hedging.

A future contract is a form of contract that is a forward but that is traded on exchange and is standardized. A swap is an exchange of forward contract. Swaps of equity yields and different currencies are common.

In the year 2009, ISDA did a research, which called for the top 500 firms by sales, the survey’s findings revealed that 94%  of the companies used derivative instruments to manage and hedge risk efficiently. But does this automatically mean that the usage of derivative would give an edge to the businesses using them? Derivatives have been used as tool of financial speculation which has received criticism, as the misuse could prove catastrophic in the financial sector that might lead to the financial disaster like it did in 2008.

Cons of derivatives

Derivatives are required to develop the trading sector and have commercial benefits but the manner in which they’re used can present a threat to the economic system.

To begin with use of derivatives desires appropriate knowledge and if its not the case then the party might endure substantial loss, one has to understand everything about the derivative marketplace. Second, generally in derivatives substantial number of investments is called for due to the commerce size, based on Warren Buffet this may introduce substantial danger, within the control of the derivative leaders which can cause serious systemic issues. Also the rapid growth of the derivatives markets can cause a rise in costs. Also, we mentioned at the start that derivatives are dependent on other variables and cash market, in the event the cash market is affected, this may lead to an immense effect on the derivative market.

Along with the aforementioned hazards, derivatives lack transparency, which is a vital threat in the marketplace that wouldn’t allow managers to monitor systemic threat efficiently. Based on J.P Morgan “lack of information out there to managers prevented appropriate oversight. Lastly, the final threats are the systemic and operational risks that impact the derivatives contract.

Advantages of Derivatives

Derivatives may be utilized by players in the marketplace to hedge the firm against unique vulnerabilities of the business and to take on risk, also they provide cash income and increase the access to credit. Also derivatives enable a company to manage exposures when they don’t have any control against exposures to outside impacts. For example British Airways are subjected to fuel costs, which can change greatly, yet by using derivatives, it will enable the organization to concentrate on its core business and British Airways can hedge the exposure of fuel costs. What they do is that they take out future derivatives to buy fuel at a fixed price in advance of its receipt, to allow them to shield themselves from increase in fuel cost. Now in the event the purchase price of fuel drops below the contract amount, the lower cost of fuel they purchase in a conventional manner makes up the loss of derivatives.

Derivatives have been extensively criticized for their use as betting instruments, while the derivative contract includes two parties, the very first party will attempt to decrease the threat, while the other party will take on danger, which enable the parties to predict the worth of the underlying asset.


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