The term “risk” is often associated with various sciences but it has become difficult for many sciences to analyze.The analysis of risk can be done through some effective ways, but the most efficient results are yielded by the Acturial Science.With effective applications of Statistics and Mathematics, the actuarial science is purported for the analysis of financial and insurance risks.It is important to mention


Accounting Assignment Help Commonly known as “ the universal language of business”, Accounting can be Accounting Homework Help defined as the system in which reporting, recording and analysis of financial transactions of a business is made. You can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company if you have sound knowledge of Accounting. In addition to that, Accounting helps you to measure, process


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SUMMARY ~ Financial management/corporate finance/managerial finance is concerned with the duties of the finance manager in a business firm. He performs such varied tasks as budgeting, financial forecasting, cash management, credit administration, investment analysis and funds procurement. The recent trends towards globalization of business activity has created new demands and opportunities in managerial finance


EMERGING ROLE OF FINANCE MANAGERS IN INDIA Reflecting the emerging economic and financial environment in the post-liberalization era, the role/ job of financial managers in India has become more important, complex and demanding, The key challenges are, intern in the areas specified below: (a) financial structure, (b) foreign exchange management, (c) treasury operations, (d) investor communication, (e) management

The functions of the controller

The functions of the controller  are related mainly to accounting and control. The typical functions performed by him include: (i) financial accounting, (ii) internal audit, (iii) taxation,  (iv) management accounting and control, (v) budgeting planning and control, and (vi) economic appraisal and so on. Finance-Assignments.comInstructions Feel free to send us an inquiry, we reply back real quick. Or dir

The main concern of the treasurer

The main concern of the treasurer  is with the financing activities of the firm. Included in the range of his functions are: (i) obtaining finance, (ii) banking relationship, (iii) investor relationship, (iv) short-term financing, (v) cash management, (vi) credit administration, (vii) investments, and (vii) insurance. Finance-Assignments.comInstructions Feel free to send us an inquiry, we reply back real q


ORGANISATION OF FINANCE FUNCTION. The responsibilities for financial management are spread throughout the organisation in the sense that financial management is, to an extent, an integral part of the job for the .managers involved in planning, allocation of resources and control. For instance, the production manager (engineer) shapes the investment policy (proposal of a new plant) the marketing manager/analyst p

Performance Plans

Performance Plans These plans compensate management on the basis of its proven performance measured by EPS, growth in EPS and other ratios related to return. Based on these, performance shares may be given to management for meeting the slated performance goals. Another form of performance-based compensation is cash bonuses. that is cash payments tied to the achievement of certain performance goals. Finance-

Incentive Plans

Incentive Plans They tie management compensation to share price. The most widely-used incentive plan is stock options which confer on management the right to acquire shares of the corporate at a special concessional price. A higher future price would result in larger management compensation, However, share prices may be affected by economic and behavioral “market forces” over which management may ha