APPLIED FINANCE Home Work  Help One of the most interesting areas of Finance is Applied Finance. This deals with judicial financial decision making. Here you will have to evaluate the resources you have and in making proper planning to achieve your objectives in the light of that plan.Applied finance has now become one of the most studied fields in the academia.There are a number of areas covered under the heading


QUANTITATIVE FINANCE Quantitative Finance is is a very important application of Finance because the mathematical finance is the most important aspect of the financial evaluation.As we know that in finance, the quantitative analysis is the use of the financial mathematics.This is often done with the help of the physical and statistical applications in order to perform financial analysis. Similarly, this analysis


FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Finances are the activities related to exchange of various goods of equity between the individuals or companies and the uncertainty and the risk that these activities entail. It is also considered as one of the branches of the economy. It is dedicated to the study of raising capital for investment in production and investment decisions of savers goods. It is related to the transactions and


Risk management is a structured approach to managing the uncertainty related to a threat, through a sequence of human activities including the risk management, developing strategies to manage and mitigate risk using managerial resources. The strategies include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effects of risk and accept some or all of the consequences of a particular


Islamic Banking and Islamic finance refers to a system of banking or banking activity must respect the principles of the Islamic law (which is known as sharia in Arabic) and its practical application through the development of the economy in Islamic societies. Sharia prohibits the payment or acceptance of the interest rate on the loan and the acceptance of money , respectively, (Riba which means Usury) and


International Finance is the branch of economy that is responsible for managing money. In simple words, the international finance is the flow of cash between various countries of the world. This discipline can be divided into two branches of study: international economics (which takes into account the exchange rate, interest rates and other financial aspects) and corporate finance (the study of markets and fin


In order to meet the aims and objectives, the companies or organizations make detailed plans. There are many types of plans and financial plan is one of those. Financial planning, which seeks to maintain the economic balance at all levels of the company, is present in both the operational and strategic area. The operational structure is developed based on their involvement in the strategy. FINANCIAL PLANNING Home


The efficient management of the resources (financial resources in particular) in order to achieve your aim is known as Financial Management.In simple words the purpose of financial management is to plan, organize, control and direct the resource allocation so that the organization may achieve the goals or objectives.One of the unique features of the financial management is that it is done by the higher authorities


The current financial system can be re-changed  or redesigned in order to meet one’s needs and demands with the help of Financial Engineering.So, Financial Engineering is a discipline based on knowledge of the physical and Economic science,and mathematics.With the support of information  technology and finance,it is aimed at the designing, development and implementation of models, tools and processes that give


Corporate finance is an area of the finance that focuses on monetary decisions that make the  companies and the tools and analysis used to make those decisions. The main objective of corporate finance is to maximize the value of shareholders. Although, in principle, it is a different field of the financial management, which studies the financial decisions of all companies, yet the main concepts of study in cor