Mode of Operation

Mode of Operation The company should, after filing the offer document with the ROCs and before opening of the issue, issue an advertisement each in an English and Hindi daily with nationwide circulation and also in a regional daily with circulation at the place where is registered office is situated. The advertisement should contain the salient features of the offer document as specified in form 2-A of the Com

Responsibility of Lead Manager

Responsibility of Lead Manager The lead manager would be responsible for coordination of all the activities among various intermediaries connected on the issue system. The names of the appointed brokers along with other intermediaries (i.e. lead manager registrar to issue) should be disclosed in the prospectus and the application form. Finance-Assignments.comInstructions Feel free to send us an inquiry, we r

Appointment of Registrar to Issue

Appointment of Registrar to Issue The company should appoint a registrar to the issue with electronic connectivity with the stock exchange(s) through which the securities are offered under the system. Listing The company may list its securities on an,exchange other than the one through which it offers its securities to the public via the online system. Finance-Assignments.comInstructions Feel free to send us

Appointment of Brokers

Appointment of Brokers The stock exchange(s) would appoint the SEBI registered stock brokers of the exchange to accept applications and place orders with the company considering them as collection centers. They would collect the money from the clients for orders placed and in case clients fail to pay for shares allocated, the brokers would have to pay the amount. The company/ lead manager should ensure that the

Agreement with Stock Exchange

Agreement with Stock Exchange The company should enter into an agreement with the stock exchange(s), specifying inter-alia, their mutual rights/duties/responsibilities and obligations inter se: It may also provide for a dispute resolution mechanism between them. Finance-Assignments.comInstructions Feel free to send us an inquiry, we reply back real quick. Or directly email us at

Initial Public Offer Through Stock Exchange Online System (E-IPO)

Initial Public Offer Through Stock Exchange Online System (E-IPO) In addition to other requirements for public issues as given in the SEBI guidelines wherever applicable a company proposing to issue capital to public, through the online system of the stock exchange for offer of securities chase to comply with the requirements discussed below. They are applicable to the fixed price issue as well as for the fixed

Green Shoe Option

Green Shoe Option A company making an initial·public offer of equity shares through the book-building mechanism can avail of the shoe option (GSO) for subliming the post listing price of its shares. The GSO means an option of allocating shares in excess of the shares included in the public issue and operating a post listing price stabilizing mechanism through a stabilizing agent (SA). The concerned issuing com

Allocation Allotment Procedure

Allocation Allotment Procedure In case of issue of 100 per cent of the net offer to the public through 100 per cent book-building process, of at least 25 per cent of the net offer to the public should be available for allocation to retail individual investors, (i) at least 25 per cent to non institutional investors (i.e, investors other than retail individual investors and QIBs and (ii) not more than 50 per c

Bidding Form

Bidding Form There should be a standard bidding form to ensure uniformity and accuracy. It should contain information about the investor and price and number of securities that the investor wishes to bid for. Before being issued to the bidder, the form should be serially numbered at the bidding centers and date and time stamped. The serial number may be system generated or stamped with an automatic numbering ma

Procedure for Bidding

Procedure for Bidding The method and process of bidding is subject to the following: The bid should be open for at least five days and not more than 10 days which may be extended to 13 days in case price band is revised. The advertisement should also contain the following: (a) the date of opening and closing of the bidding (not less man five days), (b) the name and addresses as the syndicate members as well as t