Additional Disclosures In Respect of Debentures

The offer document should contain:

(a) premium amount on conversion, time of conversion;

(b) in case of PCDs/NCDs, redemption amount, period of maturity, yield on redemption of the PCDs/NCDs:

(c) full information relating to the terms of latter or purchase, including the corners of the party offering to purchase, the (non-convertible portion of PCDs.

(d) the disco fall at which such an offer is made and the effective price for the investor as a result of such discount.

(e) the existing and future equity and long-term debt rate it.

(f) servicing behaviour on existing debentures, payment of due interest on due dates on term loan and debentures and,

(g) no objection certificate from a financial institution or banker for a second or pari passu charge being created in favour of the trustees to the proposed debenture issues has been obtained.

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